About Us

      Hi! I'm Emily, the founder of A New Life Herbs, and I'm so glad you're here!
    At A New Life Herbs we are committed to providing great quality herbal products made fresh for you.  
We believe that although herbs do not 'heal' the body, they help the body to heal itself.  You see, God created our bodies with an amazing ability to heal themselves and the herbs just come along and support our bodies.  We are very committed to honesty and good ethics, not only in business but in our daily lives.  
      We are a small business and our main goal is to help bring health and healing into the lives of others. 
  Check out our Vision page to learn more about how we are doing this.
More about the owner: I started working in healthcare as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2001.  In 2007, as I watched my 2 year old struggle with asthma and chronic bronchitis that traditional medicine was not able to fix, I prayed for wisdom and looked to herbs.  We started using a Respiratory & Cough formula and another one to boost her immune system.  Within 3 days, her mucous went from green to clear and within one week she was completely well.  It has now been over 14 years since she has had an outbreak.  When I saw how well herbs worked to help my daughter, I was sold! As soon as we would see her first symptoms, we would use herbs to boost her immune system and then she was able to fight it off herself.  Seeing the effectiveness of herbs first hand started what I believe will be a life long journey of the study of herbs.  I immediately dove in head first to studying.  I started with the library, I would check out every book I could on herbs and started practicing using them in various ways.
I started using herbs to help my friends and family with much success and then finally, years later, branched out to sell my products. 
         I then began studying under The Southern Herbalist, Darryl Patton. I learned so much about identifying plants in the wild and using them medicinally as well as wild edibles.  I am a firm believer that God has given the local plants around us to for the specific illnesses common to our area.  Although I fully recognize the benefits of all the herbs around the world, God has given us some pretty amazing plants right at our doorstep! The Lord has definitely blessed this business and these products immensely and so we press on..... 
In September 2019,  we opened our local brick and mortar shop. It is here that we prepare all of our herbal products and also branched out to provide a Coffee & Tea Cafe to promote community and assist in our local mission of helping others!  This shop provides a 'hub' where it all takes place!
I am not a doctor and in no way am I trying to convince or sway anyone in their healthcare, but would encourage everyone to take ownership and responsibility for their own health and that of their family.  I fully stand by and believe in my products and use them for myself, my friends, and my family, but your health is your responsibility.  Please seek profession medical attention as needed.